Meryl Hooker is a Small Business Development Expert and Sales Rockstar dedicated to helping independent businesses thrive in a big box world. She is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, and writer.


In 2012, Meryl retired after nearly 15 years of serving as a Mid-Atlantic sales representative for greeting card and gift companies.


From 2007 - 2012, she was the writer of “Road Rage: The Blog”, which chronicled life as a road rep and sales lessons learned while driving miles of highway.  She has been a contributing columnist to numerous industry blogs and publications.


She was a partner at Center Aisle Group (2009 – 2012), an agency dedicated to providing product development and sales training to the greeting card and gift industries.  At Center Aisle, she co-authored with Rob Fortier what has been hailed as “the bible” and a “must-have guide” for the greeting card industry with Pushing the Envelope: the Small Greeting Card Manufacturer’s Guide to Working With Sales Reps (2010, Center Aisle Press) as well as the best-selling book,  Showtime! The Greeting Card and Gift Company’s Guide to Trade Show Success.


With a nearly 25 years of sales experience, she brings real life experience, skill and expertise to small business owners. A self-described sales nerd, Meryl takes great pride in the fact she’s seen the legendary rock band, KISS, 19 times – and counting—and openly credits KISS, Inc., as the model and inspiration for her business structure and success.

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